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Credit crunches from occasionally binding bank borrowing constraints (2020) (with Tom Holden and Paul Levine)
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 52(2-3)

Reconciling Jaimovich-Rebelo preferences, habit in consumption and labor supply (2018) (with Tom Holden and Paul Levine))
Economics Letters, 168

Monetary policy and cross-border interbank market fragmentation: lessons from the crisis (2020) (with Tobias Blattner)
B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, 21(1)

Working papers

Lending standards, productivity and credit crunches (2019) (previously circulated as 'Adverse selection and financial crises') [revisions requested by Macroeconomic Dynamics]

Weakness in Non-Commodity Exports: Demand versus Supply Factors (2018) (with José Dorich & Vadym Lepetyuk)
Bank of Canada Staff Analytical Notes 2018-28

Work in progress

Business cycles in space (with Tom Holden)

Imperfect exchange rate pass-through: empirical evidence and monetary policy implications (with Vasco Gabriel, Paul Levine and Maryam Mirfatah)

Limited asset market participation and monetary policy in a small open economy (with Paul Levine, Stephen McKnight and Alex Mihailov)

Sequencing Extended Monetary Policies at the Effective Lower Bound (with Lena Suchanek, Joel Wagner and Yang Zhang)

A Horse Race of Monetary Policy Strategies for Canada (with Yang Zhang)